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We are in the habit of coming into unfamiliar territory in the body like a missionary, giving ourselves directives such as “Open up, release, soften,” … Try coming in like a pilgrim instead, asking, “What are your customs? How do you live here? What can you teach me?”

— Susan Aposhyan, Natural Intelligence (1999)

I have been working with Susan online for over a decade. I have gone from being pretty disconnected from my body and frightened of my own power, to feeling confident in my ability to lead in an embodied and intimate manner.

— S.M., International Corporate Management

Embodied Social Justice

How do we go deeply within ourselves and learn about how we embody our privilege, our oppression, self-compassion, and compassion? Susan Aposhyan shares her personal experience. Black Lives Matter! ...

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Embodied Safety

Mindbody or bodymind? How are these two approaches different? When are they appropriate in terms of safety? How can we cultivate safety as an embodied state? ...

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Emotional Sweep

Difficult times require new approaches! Here are two new videos introducing a new practice of expressing, releasing, clearing, and transforming fear, anger, and sadness, and through bodily expression transforming these emotions into excitement, power ...

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