Wherever you are, get tools for applying embodiment to your life and work!

Embodiment is central to meeting the challenges of modern life. All the other creatures on the planet are more or less, fully embodied all the time. What happened to us? When we all lived as hunters and gatherers, we were embedded in nature and felt ourselves to be part of nature and our bodies. In the last few thousand years, our brain’s unique ability to imagine that which does not exist has created great art, scientific brilliance, and a growing ability to ignore our bodies and our sense perceptions.

On the one hand, embodiment is our birthright, our natural state, and just a membrane away. One moment of shifting perception into experience brings us into the world of embodiment.

The challenge is to develop practices that allow us to stay there, more and more of the time. That takes some dedication.

I’ve devoted my whole life to this project and I’ve learned that everybody has to find their own way, their own path. For many people it is easier to think about the body, talk about the body, and feel it briefly and lightly in an objectified manner. To go beyond this, we have to shift into directly experiencing ourselves and giving our sensations permission to live more directly, with less mental control. This is what I call Embodiment Practice.

You can start learning it here with these 4 Videos Introducing Embodiment Practice.

Videos included:

  • 1 – Introduction to Embodiment Practice
  • 2 – Initial Embodiment Practice
  • 3 – Pelvic Floor Embodiment Practice
  • 4 – 15 Minute Guided Embodiment Practice

The 4 videos total 30 minutes in time. We’ve priced it inexpensively, $35, so that it is accessible to everyone, but always let us know if you need to access a pay from the heart option. Welcome and register here!

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Together, let’s plant more seeds of embodiment around the world.